Carpet Cleaning Services Lanarkshire

Elite Cleaning Solutions operate a carpet cleaning service in and around Wishaw, Motherwell, Hamilton and across Lanarkshire.

clean carpet

Here are some of the benefits :-

  • No harm to carpet fibres
  • Special attention to corners and areas around skirting
  • No sticky residue and as a result no rapid resoiling
  • No overwetting so quick drying!
  • No risk of shrinkage
  • We will move furniture whenever possible

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is the most common carpet cleaning method used in domestic households and commercial premises. staircarpetcleaning This is the most thorough cleaning method for your carpets and can be described as a deep clean. Cleaning solution is applied to the carpet and brushed into the carpet fibres loosening the soil. The carpet is then rinsed and the loosened soil extracted from deep within the carpet fibres using our top of range machinery combining a high speed jet system and powerful suction. Your carpets are usually dry in around 2 hours dependant on atmospheric conditions. We are often asked to clean stair carpet and our advanced machinery and accessories allow us to clean stairs with ease achieving fantastic results.

Bonnet Mopping

Another carpet cleaning method used by Elite Cleaning Solutions is called bonnet mopping. This method is largely used on 'low profile' synthetic carpet types which are normally found in commercial premises, offices, shops, etc. Low profile carpet responds well to bonnet mopping and fantastic results can be achieved. The area to be cleaned is presprayed with cleaning solution and then "buffed" using a bonnet mop which is attached to a rotary machine. The bonnet rotates and easily lifts the dirt from the surface of the carpet. This system is ideal for larger carpeted areas and carpet tiles in public areas when drying time is an issue. Carpets can be dry in less than 1 hour.