Rug Cleaning in Lanarkshire, Glasgow and Surrounding Areas

Why not try our rug cleaning service? Elite Cleaning Solutions provide this excellent service across Lanarkshire, covering Wishaw, Hamilton and Motherwell and many other areas. We will pick up your rug, take it away and return it to your door. If you prefer we can also clean rugs on location. We use cleaning solutions which are completely safe to children and pets.

rug cleaningRugs are normally made with wool or wool-rich pile e.g. Persian, Oriental or Turkish as well as Chinese and Indian. Rugs should be hand cleaned and special attention should be given to edges and fringes. Every Oriental, Persian, Indian rug is unique and we will choose the most suitable cleaning method for its age, dye type and fibres.

We do not use abrasive cleaning products or machinery. All the work carried out on rugs is done by hand using nothing but natural fibre brushes, water and specially formulated cleaning solutions. We carry out the gentlest and most effective cleaning. Rugs are left to dry naturally as much as possible without the use of heat however we can speed up the drying process using turbo dryers. We also gently beat your rug to remove the build up of dust and grit deep within the fibres. This is a vital process in rug cleaning and helps to preserve them as grit left within the fibres acts as an abrasive and this causes premature wear and tear.